Goran Chloupek Gaura

Hi my name is Goran. I am Peter Hess ® Sound Massage Practitioner who has been certified by the Peter Hess Academy (Germany) and Gong Practitioner. Healing arts and the studies of self-knowledge are always been major part of my life. Deeper reality that transcend the limitation of our senses, and resonates with essence in ourselves and outside us, was something that was always occupying me. This leads me to studies of self-knowledge, by studying Philosophy that I graduated from University in Zagreb as well as on the spiritual path of Bhakti-yoga, that I have been on since 1995. and Ashtanga-yoga in which I become Certified Yoga Teacher (TT300) in 2019. 

The experience of Sound Massage and Sound Bath, in which I recognise Celestial qualities of that Sounds and Vibrations (that relax & heals), which by pervading me at the physical mental / emotional and spiritual level into the state that I am closest to myself, was an experience in which I recognised a call to  study it and work in this field. I love to share some of the gifts and tools that I was introduced in this the path of self-healing through the practice of Sound Massage and Sound Bath. I live and work in Berlin, Germany.

My trainings and certifications in Healing Arts Include:

  • Certified Sound Massage Practitioner (Peter Hess Academy)
  • Certified Gong Practitioner (Prema Vama Gong center)
  • Certified Yoga teacher TT300 (European Yoga Federation)
  • Initiated Bhakti-yoga Practitioner (disciple of Bhakti Tirtha Swami)
  • Certified Thai yoga Massage Practitioner (Sun House)

I especially want to thank photographers from ZOOMIRAJ ME agency, MAJA GOLAC and ZLATKO PRKAČIN for beautiful photos that I use on this website. These are photographs where I wear white tunic.

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