“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.”

– Peter Hess



Sound Massage with Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times in India and especially in the Himalayas for healing. The sacred scriptures of India state that human beings have been created from vibration/sound. The practice of sound healing has a long-standing association to many ancient cultures including India, Asia, Africa, Europe, indigenous Aboriginals and Native Americans. Within the Asian region, Tibetan singing bowls emerged from China/Tibet between 3000-4000 years ago, and fall into the ‘bell’ or ‘gong’ family. They were primarily used as sacred vibrational sound instruments to enhance meditative practice and connect to the higher realms of spiritual consciousness/existence.


Peter Hess ® Sound Massage is scientifically recognized method that combines ancient sound healing methods that are adapted for today’s sophisticated modern world.  It is called this way because people who received this form of “sound healing” compared it to a gentle massage that was not only felt on the body, but also inside the body.

Some claimed “it touched their innermost and went to the core of there being.” Others claimed “it made them feel whole again—like “neu gestricked (a German expression that translats to newly knitted).”

While there are many more descriptors as to what people experience during a Peter Hess Sound-Massage, the two mentioned above are cited over and over—deep relaxation and the ability of letting go and letting be.

The rich overtones take you into a very deep place within yourself – rarely experienced by most people. From there clarity can appear in the way of seeing solutions about long-held problems which can come as a flash of an image into your mind.

Sound massage can be a preventative therapy and has shown a remarkable and swift improvement in many cases of physical, mental and emotional pain. Pains seem to melt away and one feels that emotional heaviness like worry or depression is lifted, leaving one to feel a pleasant lightness. The energy body, the aura, is cleared and one feels refreshed, and as if a burden has been taken off one’s shoulders.

Sound massage helps in all areas of our being.




Major benefits of the Peter Hess Sound-Massage are to numerous to mention. Just as every person is unique so is their reason for and experience with a personal sound-massage. Because of this, a long list of benefits has been cited over the past 30 years. Out of the many, specific themes were consistently cited over and over and it is these that are listed below.


  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation —the sounds appeal to a person’s original trust. While there are many techniques that produce relaxation, many take time and effort to learn. The Peter Hess Sound-Massage takes a person there without active participation. Because of this, it is ideal for people who have a difficult time to relax and/or learn another relaxation technique.
  • Supports and promotes sleep. Because body, mind, and spirit finally can come to rest, many people, if not most, report a change in their sleep—easier falling asleep, staying asleep, and more restful  sleep.
  • Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual body cell through sound. The sound vibrations penetrate the body and, thus, go deeper than a conventional massage. This also prepares the body for a regular massage.
  • Relief of tension and blockages in the body. Not only does the Peter Hess Sound-Massage relief the tension in the body, through the special application it also helps reduce pain. For many people holding tension in the body has become the “new normal,” and it needs help to remember what “NORMAL” feels like again.
  • The client experiences his/her body to be pleasantly light. Because the sounds work on a cellular level each cell receives a mini massage. This allows them to return to their normal state. And when each cell is allowed to vibrate freely the body responds in turn—instead of feeling heavy and dragged down, the body feels light and free.
  • Reinforces the healing process. There are many things that can hinder the healing process. One of the first order principles, and a special technique, of a Peter Hess Sound-Massage is to support the healthy. This in turn also promotes healing. For example,clinical studies have shown that fractures and wounds heal faster in people who received Peter Hess Sound-Massage was part of the post-treatment plan compared to the ones who didn’t.
  • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity, and productive energy. Yes, you read right, just by receiving a Peter Hess Sound-Massage the body responds by working on other processes that boost self-confidence, creativity, and productive energy. How cool is that?
  • Letting go of old patterns —a new order can evolve. When we allow our mind to relax the chatter sooner or later will stop. People you practice meditation have know this for ages. Unfortunately, many people have a difficult time to attain this state. During a Sound-Massage this is a very natural process—without having to learn special meditation techniques that can take years to produce the desired results.
  • Attainment of new joy of life. People consistently reported that after receiving a series of sessions their outlook on life changed and they felt happier than before the sessions.Sound massage helps in all areas of our being.

The above highlights the main benefits. It doesn’t provide the exhaustive possibilities of more specific applications and its associated benefits.


The benefits of Sound Massage can be categorized in Physical, Emotional / Mental and Spiritual.


  • Alleviating physical pain, e.g. joints and muscles, sciatica, digestive system, headaches and migraines, damaged discs; back, neck and shoulder aches; abdomen, bad circulation; any organ as well as high blood pressure
  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • The metabolism is strengthened
  • The nervous system is saturated with positive energy through the sound massage and this has a beneficial knock-on-effect on all the other systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, cardio-vascular).
  • Relieving of tension and blockages
  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs
  • The flow of energy will be improved throughout the body, activating the cells leading to deep relaxation
  • Releasing of toxins from the body
  • Increasing energy and strength to help in your daily life
  • The immune system is improved


  • Mental clarity
  • The mind can, through the relaxation, work through the past and recognise new paths.
  • Increases concentration.
  • Relieving of mental/emotional tension and blockages
  • Sound activates inner feelings. They can surface and be released.
  • Letting go of present or past negative patterns, e.g. of past relationships or addictions
  • Increasing energy and strength to help in your daily life
  • Releasing of mental and emotional pains, such as low self-esteem, worries, fears, anger, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential


  • Leaving a positive feeling for oneself and others
  • Achieving more balance and harmony in your life
  • Experience of bliss.
  • The soul finds in the depth inner peace and enjoys love and joy
  • For spiritual development.
  • Purification of the gross and all subtle bodies such as the astral body.
  • Cleansing of the chakras (energy centres) and nadis (astral channels).
  • Higher frequencies can enter your Being, which increases your energy and vibrational level and your light quotient. 




During a Peter Hess ® Sound-Massage special singing bowls, the so called Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls, are placed on/and around the body and gently tapped with a felt mallet.

  • The gentle and harmonious sounds are absorbed through our ears and body that quickly take us into a deep and beneficial relaxation.
  • The rhythmic sound oscillations are transmitted to the body and produce a subtle vibration, which is often described as a form of “sound-massage.”
  • Further, the sound resonance process produced during and felt on our body during a sound-massage is grounded in physics.

During a Peter Hess ® Sound-Massage an atmosphere of safety and security is created that allows us to let go—letting go of stress, worries, anxieties, doubt, fears and feelings that have a negative effect on our health and our life. Moreover, in this soothing sound space (atmosphere), with all its positive effects, it is possible for us to:

  • Connect with our needs, and listen to our “inner wisdom.
  • Experience our body through a pleasantly warm, maybe even blissful, feeling – maybe a feeling we had long forgotten— and become aware of it again for the first time in many years.
  • Allow our running thoughts come to rest so we can finally listen again to our own body—maybe there is even room to let our mind and soul unfold to new heights and creativity.

All points mentioned so far, are the core values for our well being in a holistic sense. They are also the basis for the design of a happy, independent, purposeful and creative life.

The Peter Hess® Sound-Massage is, therefore, primary to be seen as a holistic relaxation method that stimulates our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. In the hands of a qualified practitioner, the sound-massage becomes an effective tool in the areas of therapeutic, medical interventionsas well as in prevention, pedagogic, counseling/coaching and wellness.

At first glance, the Peter Hess® methods may look simple, but upon closer examination the effect of sound on our body is a very complex process and, hence, its application requires substantial knowledge about the effect of sound and self-experience to apply them individually, selectively and safely for the utmost benefit of the client.

This specialized knowledge is also what separates the Peter Hess ® Sound-Massage Practitioners from other sound healers. A designation to be proud of.


Happy Clients

“An incredibly relaxing and healing experience. I suffered from frequent and severe headaches and Sound Massage with Gaura, not only reduced the pain and removed it but deeply relaxed me, led me to almost meditative state. Also during another sound massage, abdominal pain that I felt before the treatment was quickly disappeared. I highly recommend Sound Massage from my personal experience”.

Zana Chloupek

Vegan Chef

“Sometimes I hesitate to describe the experiences after the sound massage with Gaura, because I have the impression that the words can in an inadequate way describe the extremely unusual phenomena I feel and their intensity. Apart from the sense of calmness and state of deep relaxation that is dominant, there are also the feelings of some “breakthrough” of these into some unknown dimensions, the feelings of relativity of time. Lying surrounded by singing bowls is often witnessed by an unusual distortion of space followed by soft vibration of sound. Sometimes there is also a body pain that pulsates and disappears in the resonance of the singing bowls. The sound of the sound massage is psychedelically in the positive meaning of that word, healing and effective, simply something that should become an integral part of life.”

Davor Haber

Bodyworker & Thai massage Teacher

“Amazing experience that is not easy to describe with words. The healing vibrations, sounds, and gentle massage are very pleasant and comforting. The healing brings you in a state of deep meditation very similar to dreaming.”

Bojana Šošić

Italian professor

“With a much better sleep after the sound massage that relaxed me deeply and led to a state of great peace, I noticed that my blood pressure was regulated and the body became energized with the sound and vibrations that went through it during the sound massage. After the treatment I felt relaxed, refreshed, calm and in great energy. A special experience that brings a person back to themselves and which is worth repeating periodically”.

Biserka Cujic

Professor of Fine Arts

Sound massage with Gaura will bring you to that state of being when – you are silent and observe how the time retrieves itself, as both ends shorten … the moment when you realize that time does not exist. A deep feeling that rationality can not grasp, but it does not have to. The being, existance, is so huge that it does not have to be understood … miracles are to live, not to know.  Do I want to say something about the effects of sound massage?  O, yes! I would love it so much. I tried to write it. I’m really.   But …, I can not explain to you these moments. It’s bigger than me and the words.”

Maja Golac


In the Beginning There Was a Sound. Deeply relaxing and meditative experience with the guidance of a beautiful and interesting person”.

Stipe Vidak


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