“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla


“Nada Brahma” – World is sound, world is vibration

Quantum physics shows, thanks to its sensitive technology, that it is not just a metaphor, but that there is a natural scientific basis for this claim. What we call the material world are systems that vibrate and are interconnected by resonance. The pure substance (the atom and the electron of which it consists) makes only 0.001% of reality, the other 99.9% is the vacuum – the basis of a specifically vibrating pattern. Each elementary particle is surrounded by an electromagnetic vibration field, so each material structure has its own individual and irreplaceable vibration field


Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Various healing techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance. The law of nature is that everything strives to harmony, for example if two old clocks with unplanned pike are placed in the same room for a couple of days will be synchronized, if several people stay in the room a couple of days their heart rate will take a single rhythm.

Illness and health can be interpreted as one type of vibration or resonance phenomena. The more we are capable of resonance and vibration, the more healthy we are. What is our diverse biological rhythm balanced and the more we live in harmony, so in the resonance with our environment and people surounding us we feel better. A healthy man is spreads harmonious vibrations. The condition of harmony is very important because when we are in coexistence then we remain in our own being. safe and strong, we can deal with the tasks and challenges of our lives. The human body mostly consists of water and the water is a great sound conductor.

Photography by © Alexander Lauterwasser




The singing bowls used in Peter Hess massage are handmade in the Himalayas, following an ancestral traditional process and then they go through a quality control of their vibration and sound properties, by specialised engineers, who ensure the therapeutic quality of the singing bowls used by the therapists trained in the Institute.

The bowls are made with high quality bronze and enriched with 11 virgin metals (gold, silver, quicksilver, iron, lead, tin, zinc, meteor iron, bismuth, galena, pyrite), which grants them a unique quality level.

All the singing bowls used in the massage must have a Peter Hess quality seal.

The vibrational sound frequencies of singing bowls can be used as a highly effective tool in meditative practice and to facilitate healing of the mind/body/spirit down to cellular and subtle energetic levels.

Mentally, the presence of these vibrations/frequencies acts as a specific point of focus to calm an agitated mind by reducing internal dialogue or chatter. The effect of this balances and shifts brain wave activity into the more peaceful Alpha and Theta states; resulting in improved clarity, concentration, activation of intuition and deeper states of relaxation. A quieted and peaceful mind then provides a ‘gateway’ to access deeper levels of consciousness, when connecting to the ‘inner self’ and that of the greater Universe (‘higher self’).

Physically, singing bowl vibrations have been shown to relieve tension, stress and pain through the effect of gently massaging the sympathetic nervous system (including associated organs, glands and connected systems). Vibrational sound energy has also been shown to support healing in chemotherapy patients, reduce pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia, and reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome or instances of depression. Similarly, energetic bowl frequencies promote feelings of relaxation, calmness, and peace for improved emotional health.

The process of healing the mind and body ultimately takes place on an energetic level; when the body’s energetic frequencies are ‘retuned’ to a healthy state of vibration and resonate harmoniously together. To achieve this overall state of energetic well-being, singing bowls can be used as a transformative tool to: clear blockages in the energy centres (chakras); increase flow within the energy channels (nadis); energise/restore the aura, and synchronise all subtle body energies. The presence of harmonic resonance in the Vajra body increases energetic potential for optimal function in all areas of our existence (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).



Peter Hess is a German physicist and pedagogue who has, from the beginning of the 1980s, studied the ancient use of the healing properties of sound in countries like Nepal, India and Tibet and developed scientific research and practice on the effects of sound in human beings.

After going through a life changing experience in Tibet, he decided to develop a method to apply the sound of Tibetan singing bowls which may be adapted to the western world.

The result is Peter Hess® Sound massage, scientifically recognized method, nowadays spread throughout the world (The Peter Hess Institut has a Worldwide presence in 22 countries around the world) especially in Germany and in Austria, where it is used in schools, complementary therapy centres and clinics, in areas as diverse as pedagogy, physiotherapy, medicine, various therapies and in the area of wellbeing.

The results are considered absolutely surprising and they are gradually becoming a case study for the scientific community.




It is a unique, holistic and very efficient relaxation nad healing method which promotes well-being and physical, mental and spiritual harmony. It is based on the ancient knowledge of the therapeutic and healing properties of sound, used in the East for more than 5000 years.

Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is a unique inner journey, reencountering our original peace, our deepest essence.

Through Sound Massage a healthy person will be developing a greater inner harmony and is strengthened to tackle everyday tasks; their creativity receives new impulses. When plagued by physical, mental and emotional problems Sound Massage helps to free the body of ailments, daily stress, sorrows and fears – health will be strengthened.

The Peter Hess sound massage is based on long-standing scientific research and practice and can only be done by therapists certified by Peter Hess Institute, Germany.

It is done by placing high quality therapeutic singing bowls on key energy points of the body. These bowls are then slightly touched with a felted stick in a very serene rhythm, which creates a soft vibration of the bowls and a harmonious sound which spreads throughout the whole body, reaching and harmonising every cell. It relieves physical and emotional blockages and promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. During the treatment, the patient is fully clothed and there is no physical contact.

• Creates immediate relaxation and a deep sense of well-being.
• The body’s self-healing-powers will be strengthened and a new joy for living will emerge
• Calms the mind and promotes inner peace.
• Broadens perception and clarity.
• Relieves stress and anxiety.
• Dissolves physical and emotional blockages.
• Aligns body, mind and spirit, promoting stability and balance.
• Enhances self esteem.

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